The ASP Truck

The concept simplicity translates in lower cost of ownership

The Aerial Splicing Truck success hinges in the merger of three proven concepts:  The pick up truck, the aerial lift and the tall (6'2" composite body).

Pickup Truck

Our ASP is based in two industry leading platforms, the Ford F350 and the RAM 3500.  These pick up trucks are in big demand by the public therefore they hold their value.    This will increase your RETURN ON INVESTMENT, as it increases the pickup truck RESIDUAL VALUE considerably over the traditional use of a CHASIS.   You can move your composite body and aerial to a new pickup truck and collect a heafty return on the pickup truck, thus lowering your OVERALL COST OF OWNERSHIP.


We use industry standard UTEM aerials.  The UTEM company is part of our group therefore we are able to CUSTOMIZED your aerial device to any of your specificaitons.

Composite Body

This is a well design body with FUNCTIONALITY in mind.  IT'S INTERIOR HEIGHT IS AN IMPRESSIVE 6' 2".  It can easly accompodate tall operators in the confort of an industry standard HVAC.