TTT Truck

The Tree Trimming Truck

Elevating Precision in Tree Trimming Excellence

Introducing the TTT Truck, a cutting-edge tree trimming vehicle designed for unparalleled efficiency and precision in arboriculture. Equipped with a hydraulic lift system and extendable boom arm, it reaches new heights with ease, ensuring no branch is out of reach. The integrated tree trimming platform, complete with specialized tool compartments, enables arborists to work seamlessly, while advanced safety features and an environmentally conscious design prioritize operator and environmental well-being. 

Exterior Photos

 General Specifications:

Height To Bottom Basket

To be publish 12/21/2023

Horizontal Side Reach

Working Height

Stowed Height


 Aerial Features:

  • To be publish 12/21/2023

 Interior Features:

  • To be publish 12/21/2023

Exterior Photos